Reaching Cambodian

The United States and Canada have become home to over 350,000 Cambodian refugees. The first refugees who fled the country were military, targeted professionals and educated people. While many of these escaped the horrors of the “Killing Fields,” thousands of other Cambodian went through the terror and trauma. The years of 1975 through 1985 were years of great suffering and many families were separated. Thousands of refugees made it to the brs and then came to the U.S. as parolees and immigrants when sponsored by a relative living in the U.S. Family is very important and it is common to have several generations living in the same house. Grandparents often care for the children and home while parents work. Youth are challenged with the contrast of life at home and the struggle order of Thailand and lived in refugee camps until they could enter the USA sponsored by churches or an American family. Other lived in camps for up to 12 yea to adapt in the American culture. Cambodian desire American friendship and someone who can help them learn American ways. The Church of the Nazarene wants to be that friend and rise to the missional call God has given. ‚ÄúThose who work with newcomers to America are missionaries just as much as those who travel across the seas to minister in an unfamiliar country. Nazarenes across the USA have unprecedented opportunities for expression of compassion and ministry, not only to Cambodians, but to a whole variety of language groups and multicultural people.

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